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to be happy and to spread happiness

We’re an open enterprise at the forefront of an education revolution. Our mission is to invent the future of work and learning. We help talented people, like you, build profitable personal brands and make a living on the internet. For visionaries who follow their dreams with unconventional passion, their vision, should they choose to visualize, is to design their own path to success.

    Ross Hendrix

    Designing the future of work and learning as special agent in charge of all things visionary.

    Ross Hendrix

    special agent
    Justin E. Harris

    Helping visionaries with launching their visions.

    Justin E. Harris

    creative director

    Mission Control

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    1 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA, 94105
    United States of America
    💡 visionary FiDi
    180 Montogomery St
    San Francisco, California 94104
    United States of America
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    845 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104, USA